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Selected Talks

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Encounters with A New Voice


In this talk Subhuti reflects on aspects of his early encounters and involvement with the Buddhist movement. Crucially it was Subhuti's fortune to come into contact with Urgyen Sangharakshita which brought Subhuti into the Stream of the Dharma: a relationship which has been axial to the development of Buddhism in the modern world.

This talk was given at the Croydon Buddhist Centre in 2009.

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Mind and Mental Events

Taking as his starting point the classic Tibetan text 'The Necklace of Clear Understanding' by Yeshe Gyaltsen, Subhuti brings in his own structured rearrangement of the 51 mental events enumerated by the source tradition, with helpful digressions and qualifications to help us see beyond any single reading of a method of self-analysis that is as rewarding as it is exacting. Robert Thurman refers to the original Abhidharmikas - the meditators who charted the great unknown universe of the mind's processes - as 'psychonauts', and Subhuti in his own inimitable way communicates the same awe and sense of a great and important adventure to be had in engaging directly with how it is our human consciousness seems to work. 

Series recorded at the Western Buddhist Order Convention, Wymondham 2001

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Dharma Revolution - West

In this, the second of a two part talk on the Dharma Revolution East & West, Subhuti meticulously expounds the deeply radical implications of the Dharma for Politics and Society. A veritable call to arms, Subhuti here communicates the power of the Dharma as a transformative force for citizen and civilisation alike. Furthermore, Subhuti here introduces Dr. Ambedkar to a European audience, recognizing the Indian leader as not just a local politician but as one of the globe's greatest modern visionaries.

This talk was given at Padmaloka Retreat Centre for Men in the course of 2010.

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Dharma Revolution - East


The first of a two-part invocation of the importance of the great Dr. Ambedkar, in this talk Subhuti speaks to a modern European audience on the incredible story of the great Indian leader. Subhuti highlights the profundity of Ambedkar's teaching and example for the modern world as well as his insights into the truth of Buddhism.

This talk was given at Padmaloka Retreat Centre for Men in the course of 2010.

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Just Sitting - A Re-evaluation


The 'Just Sitting' practice has always been part of Sangharakshita's system of meditation. Yet it is not often discussed and not always understood. Here Subhuti gives his own inspiring and brilliantly refreshing take on the practice as a central element in his own meditative life. 

This talk was given to an assembly of Order Members in the course of 2009.

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