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Seeking the Buddha

In this talk, Seeking the Buddha, Subhuti speaks on the imperative in the Dharma life of having a living connection with the Buddha. He stresses the importance of the imaginal faculty in the spiritual life offering clues and advice on how one can set out to explore the imaginal sphere of the psyche.


This talks was given to the combined convention of Triaratna Order members in the summer of 2011. Many of the ideas Subhuti draws upon can be found in his contemporary paper on the immagination: Re-imagining the Buddha



Hungary Dispatches

Subhuti's work as a Dharmachari take him all over the Globe. In this film; Hungary Dispatches, we travel with Subhuti to the north of Hungary where we find him supporting the work of the Jai Bhim Network; a community of engaged Hungarian Buddhist Gypsies working hard against multiple challenges to radically improve their situation and that of their friends. More than this even, this is a film which presents contemporary Buddhism as a socially transformative force, as Subhuti explains.


This film was made in October of 2011

Dharma Revolution: EAST

The first of a two-part invocation of the importance of the great Dr. Ambedkar. In this talk Subhuti speaks to a modern European audience on the incredible story of the great Indian leader. Subhuti highlights the profundity of Ambedkar's teaching and example for the modern world as well as his insights into the truth of Buddhism.


If you are interested to find out more about Dr. Ambedkar and the peaceful revolution, please do so here: 

Ambedkar and Buddhism


This talk was given at Padmaloka Retreat Centre for Men in the course of 2010.


Dharma Revolution: WEST

In this, the second of a two part talk on the Dharma Revolution East & West, Subhuti meticulously expounds the deeply radical implications of the Dharma for Politics and Society. A veritable call to arms, Subhuti here communicates the power of the Dharma as a transformative force for citizen and civilisation alike. Furthermore, Subhuti here introduces Dr. Ambedkar to a European audience, recognizing the Indian leader as not just a local politician but as one of the globe's greatest modern visionaries.


This talk was given at Padmaloka Retreat Centre for Men in the course of 2010.